Water for life 18

The next fascinating source of water, is water from open sources. It is possible to tell that it is one of the most starenky, and the most applied sources of water. The most part of our cities receive water from open sources. This water gets to our water supply systems. It is natural, as we already said, it passes appropriate water preparation. But another is curious also, such sources of water were also the first which were used for the mechanized water and for technical needs. During Russian time in garden priyatelstvo and country associations, for watering public water supply systems which took water from the rivers or the most various reservoirs were under construction. I remember a garden priyatelstvo which settled down on a peatland. There the artificial reservoir was organized. The ditch to what marsh water gathered is dug, and was used for watering later.

Water for life 18

Fig. 1. The reservoir supplies with water the district of the huge small town.

Such sources of water should be divided into two types. the 1st, is the rivers, in what water flowing. Its chemical characteristics depend on 2 main reasons. One natural, the bed of the river can contain the most various minerals that will by all means be reflected and in its chemical structure. 2nd factor, already technogenic. If above on a current we have any enterprises, they completely can serve as a pollutant. As well as settlements. We know that sewer dumpings can be carried out to the river. Let only it is a rain ditch, even in this case city dirt will get to the river. Optimism inspires only ability of flowing water самоочищаться.
But it we said about flowing water. And if we use water from the lake, a pond or an artificial reservoir, we have some other characteristics. Natural pollution in this case too can be. And here, technogenic can and not to be. In particular, if reservoir small. However, in this case we can face other discrepancy.

Water for life 18

Fig. 2. Pond.

We can face the overestimated biological or organic pollution. All of us contemplated and we know, how such reservoirs can blossom.
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