Unusual in ordinary or creative bathroom equipment

Unusual in ordinary or creative bathroom equipment
We already long since stopped to be surprised to what various and the design imagination used to creation of such prosy subjects as bathroom equipment can be unexpected. The sinks similar to extravagant statues of impressionists, the baths of the most various forms which are carrying out a large quantity of support functions, the wash basins executed from the most sudden materials. It is completely clear that "design" configurations should concern even more prosy parts of bathroom equipment – toilet bowls and a bidet. As on another, after all even in a bathroom we wish to create full harmony of a situation.

Unusual in ordinary or creative bathroom equipment
One more change which is truly tracked down in design of new models of the equipment for bathrooms is a brevity of forms and an absolute miniatyurizm of designs. Developers try to hide all communication systems of products for panels of walls that broke nothing an esthetics of interiors, the most part of offered models of a bidet and toilet bowls have wall type of fastening, and the form of the equipment can be completely non-standard.

Following similar tendencies, designers of one famous European brand made Unusual in ordinary or creative bathroom equipment
a collection of products from санфаянса by "Ergo" forms of subjects in what remind a small egg half. Wall toilet bowls, a bidet and even unusual highest sinks from the latest ruler differ the pleasant elegant design, the approximated spherical forms and lack of any excessive details.

Designers of other company also showed the big imagination when developing the latest collection of the sanitary equipment. But founders of the La Fontana project went still further. Their toilet bowls and a bidet which also fasten to a wall, have absolutely unusual triangular forms, and as a decorative element of these unique products there are multi-colored lateral inserts.

Agree, to locate such multipurpose subjects of use in own bathroom and will use them once a day very much and very pleasantly!

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