Bathroom repair — the main moments of

Bathroom repair – difficult business. Even the smallest cracks can break waterproofings that leads to leakages, dampness, quarrels with neighbors to other opposite moments. But if you nevertheless decided to be engaged in bath repair, try to make it more masterfully, without missing the basic moments. If repair is executed greatly and on conscience, the bath becomes a real masterpiece which connects in itself safety, elegant design and functionality. Well repaired bath will make better life not only only to you and your neighbors. Here the main stages on which it is necessary to direct special attention:

Bathroom repair — the main moments of
Floor. One of the most difficult, but very basic parts of a bathroom. For a start it is necessary to clear a floor from грязищи and the stiffened solution. If the floor has cambers, it is necessary to establish smoothing coupler. Be engaged in a waterproofing later. There are three types of a waterproofing which differ on a drawing method – okleechny, naplavlyaemy and obmazochny. It is necessary to do a waterproofing covering so that became covered not only only a floor and 10-20 cm of a wall. It is possible to make a waterproofing of the whole wall to which then, the bath and a shower booth will adjoin. A sanitary case – more weak spot at bath repair, it is necessary to direct special attention on it. After the water insulating layer is put – it is necessary to establish a protective coupler. Then it is possible to stack a tile.

But one waterproofing is not capable to protect the apartment from flooding absolutely. More reliable protection is necessary. During repair, we can try to clean more vserasprostranenny mistakes made still at construction, including urovnevy discrepancy of floors. The floor in a bathroom, on level, should be placed below, than in other rooms. If to lower level of a floor does not leave, it is necessary to throw the highest, to 8см, a threshold. Plus to everything is recommended to be added emergency having merged, connected to sewerage system. In that case, the surface of a floor should be inclined a little in the direction plum.

Bathroom repair — the main moments of
The next important element of repair of a bathroom — distributing of pipes. There are two rules concerning a shtrobirovaniye of walls: to use bearing walls (in particular concrete) it is impossible; it is recommended to use the special tool — шроборез — to prevent formations of cracks in a wall. After installation it is ended, it is necessary to ground welding places, and on pipes to add a thermal insulation. It will prevent formations of condensate, and, as a result, dampness and wall destruction. If you drove to the latest apartment where pipes are not covered with thermoisolation, it is necessary to make it at the first ability.

When distributing of pipes is complete, it is possible to start bathroom electrification. The electricity can be demanded not only only for washing machines and shower booths and for hydromassage baths, and electric mixers. If you do a complete repair, it is better to carry out the power supply network even in those places in what while there is no that need, it will facilitate your life further. If you suddenly decide to get the latest "bathing electronics", заместо carrying out one more repair, from you it will be simply necessary to connect the new device. Remember that for work in wettish criteria, special, waterproof wires are necessary. It is not necessary to have in a bathroom toggle-switches and sockets but if nevertheless there was such need, it is better to use waterproof models.

One of finishing steps of repair of a bath — furnish of walls. For the beginnings it is necessary to lead a surface to appropriate condition. The surface is necessary for clearing of paint, and if it is necessary, to change a plaster coat. Because owing to repair, the sizes and a geometrical form of a bathroom can exchange, it is recommended to receive all sanitary devices how furnish of a bath is ended. Fixedly look, that vertical position of walls and a pryamougolnost of corners of conjugation were not broken, in an unpleasant case you are expected by many troubles at installation of the sanitary equipment and facing. At worst, can even it is useful carrying out small repair.

Well and in conclusion of some councils to repair — some words about ventilation and bathroom equipment. The bathroom equipment should be connected strictly according to assembly diagrams which are applied to it. But if you suddenly did not consider necessary, after so wearisome works, to understand any schemes, know that if in this case the device will become unfit for use – the company the manufacturer has the right to refuse to you guarantee repair.

When planning repair, not запамятовывайте about ventilation. In a bathroom the overestimated humidity, and in the absence of inflow of the freshest air, on walls and a ceiling will be created condensate. the 1-2nd place under a door is completely enough for the solution of this difficulty.

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