Water for life 6

In small towns without considering some cool water there is also a system of the centralized hot water supply. In settlements it still while uniqueness. Moreover, I had to meet projects, and even their realization where in apartment houses other approach was used. During Russian time nearby to me the whole small town in what there was no centralized hot water supply was constructed. For Ural it then was a rarity. Most likely, simply there were no available capacities. Then in apartments gas water heaters were established.

Water for life 6

Fig. 1. Gas electroheater.

Water heaters were not perfect, but even in that situation it was possible to receive certain advantages. So, difficulties of summer shutdown of hot water it was not simple. Now I was in apartment houses where is absent not only only hot water supply and a central heating. In each apartment there is own gas copper which provides also with hot water, and heats the apartment. And even moreover, me cases when owners of apartments are released from a central heating are known, and establish at itself in apartments electronic coppers.
Nevertheless, in the majority of apartments, well and in certain cottage settlements, we have a hot centralized water supply. And we should discuss it. Let’s take the most mass, and the most difficult case when burning water arrives with combined heat and power plant. Here it is necessary to emphasize that such water is technical, in other words its standards are simply incomparable with is central the arriving cool. Therefore, about use of that water as the drinking should not appear and speeches. Therefore, we completely can manage the filter of rough cleaning on an entrance to protect our internal communications.

Water for life 6

Fig. 2. Kostomuksha.

Vobshchem, to me was necessary to be in a small town where the authorities urged to use hot water and to save up the electric power. There in the house heat exchangers which heated up cool water were established and sent it to a hot conduit. Such it is possible to organize and without the aid of others. Only as the heat-carrier it is necessary to use heating system, instead of hot water supply. Here it is necessary to have a look, whether it will be economically caused, well and whether will allow to do you such reconstruction.
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