Water and reflection: a shower … directly from a mirror!

Multifunctionality – here the main aspect actually all modern technological development. Practically all designers, creating the next project, try to allocate, apparently, usual things any additional functions. At first it concerns the things which are quite often applied in a life of peopleWater and reflection: a shower … directly from a mirror!
. For example, the designer of Nick Paget offered not so long ago the newest model of a functional shower of Reflect which is combined by a small mirror. Agree that will have a shave during acceptance morning аква procedures with such ordinary adaptation much more comfortably.

The mirror in the newest improved model of a shower is placed specifically on a watering can, i.e. streams of water stream on you directly from it. Wish – take the real shower, wish – get the shaving machine and put in order a face. Nobody will begin to object that it is very comfortable and, besides, will allow to save up a little time which always does not suffice in the mornings.

The water supply system in brand new shower of Reflect is developed such makary that the mirror never mists over, and you should not wipe it a hand, releasing from steam, or to have a shave "at random". In additives to everything, the shower with a watering can mirror looks enough especially and very perfectly!

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