We choose the filter for water

We choose the filter for water
You had to move? Or at last saved up for the car? And everything is excellent. But there is an aspect – water appeared very rigid for equipment, or very chlorinated – in the latest apartment.

What to do? Delema the filter for water cleaning will help to solve!

Before it to choose, it is necessary to be caused, why it is necessary for you to clear water: for food manufacturing that from water there was no scum on equipment.

We are defined further, from what it is necessary очишщать water. You will need data from a regional sanepidemstantsiya – what metals and technical parts "live" in your water.

We choose the filter for water
Types of household filters.

1. Mechanical household filters for water. The filter is inserted into the pipeline. Represents the cylinder from сеточек. Its case should be it (is desirable) from plastic or copper alloys. It protects water counters from jamming. Detains big mechanical parts.

2. Mesh "self-washing-out" household filters. Water in such filter is cleared at the expense of a filtroelement. The Filtroelement promptly becomes soiled, therefore in such filters there is a cleaning system. The drain crane a stream of initial water the machine gun washes away from the filter everything pollution. It establish as the primary filter.

3. Kartridzhnye filters. The filter represents the cylinder with a demountable test tube and replaceable filtering cartridges. It is built in the pipeline.

We choose the filter for water
What cartridges for the filter happen?

Distinguish: for mechanical cleaning of water – from a rust and the weighed particles; for rough cleaning – from impurity of chemistry and microcells. the 2nd use in medicine more often.

Filters happen.

1. Coal. Them use for removal of gases, smacks, smells, languid metals. BUT before such cartridges by all means there should be a filter of mechanical cleaning. In an unpleasant case the coal cartridge will promptly be hammered by a rust, and after becomes a source of microbes.

2. With polyphosphatic salt (Ionoobmenny pitch). It is established for water mitigation. Many of these filters are provided not for drinking water.

3. For disinfecting. Картриджы contain ions of silver and/or other elements.

4. Combined. Kartridzhnye for cleaning of drinking water is better to change filters of time in 1-2 months. Organic substances which remain on the filter – the suitable environment for microbes.

5. Sand. This filter works because grains of sand умельчают all mechanical "garbage" and even different suspensions in 5-20 microns. Water to become purer and is more transparent, but chemical elements at all this remain. The filter at the expense of turnaround washing is cleared: ascending water flow loosens a sand layer, and takes out the collected impurity later.

6. Ionoobmennyebytovye. Such filters are created for the industrial purposes. Pitches can detain Ionoobmennye practically though what chemical element.

7. Obratnoosmotichesky. The thinnest and expensive filters. The work mechanism – water passes through a polymeric membrane. It filters water already at level of molecules: through it there will not pass even a big molecule of water, without speaking about other impurity. The membrane should be cleared povsevremenno therefore a certain part of water incorporates. And before a membrane stand filters of preparatory cleaning.

8. Ugolnyebytovye filters for water. In this filter coal is important, and is more exact, from what it is received. It is considered the best coal from a coco. Coal clears water of foreign smells, chlorine, smacks, languid metals etc. But before it there should be by all means a filter of mechanical cleaning.

9. Catalytic household filters for water. The filter helps to release water from iron, manganese. In the filter for cleaning the capacity with quartz sand is located.

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