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With – broke … a bathroom!

With - broke … a bathroom!
Italian Carlo Dahl Byanko is not only only outstanding designer and the architect and the master of creation of a different home decoration who thanks to clearness and simplicity of own lines can as it is possible to show beauty of forms of created subjects better.

In own nedavneshny collection of bathroom equipment for a bathroom of "Warp" which he developed for the Rexa Design company the designer did not depart from own habits, Continue reading

Complex for a bathroom: sink, fireplace, bath of

The bath standing separately from other sanitary equipment – it is far not a novelty, and anything unusual itself does not represent. But if this bath to place in the center of a wide platform on which sides the sink and shower installation are located, absolutely brand new, unique model will turn out. The thought of so unusual project was developed by designers of AL Studio studio specially for the Italian brand of Antonio Lupi and received Continue reading

We round corners!

We round corners!
It seems, baths of a classical form, usual to our eye, will absolutely get out of fashion soon. At all so long ago we knew to you about an unusual bath, whose outlines remind of sand dunes, than about ordinary bathroom equipment more, and now on a scene there are new unique models.

The founder of the first of them with the being remembered title of "Bomber" – the same Antonio Lupi which has created and a bath dune. However, Continue reading

Bath canyon: classics of the future of

Bath canyon: classics of the future of
Creation of new models of traditional iron baths, maybe, also does not undergo cardinal configurations, but certain nuances in a design of such products after all change. If more attentively to get accustomed to the newest bath of "Cayono" which has been let out not so long ago by one eminent trademark, improvements and innovations in its design become visible more than clearly. As the producer declared, the model of a bath of "Cayono" Continue reading

Small start of

Small start of
We got used that water should arrive from above, and "leave" down. It is so got in the nature: the rain flows from the sky and is absorbed to the earth. It is so arranged and in our bathrooms: life-giving moisture streams from the crane or a shower and transiently goes to a drain opening. But what if to change an established order of things? Whether there will be it more comfortable?

The recognizable producer of bathroom equipment Continue reading

Brand new bath: new feelings with new design of

Time of Russian metal baths already passed, to them more modern standards come to replacement for the equipment of bathrooms. One of the improved samples of bathroom equipment is the bath of Biove which differs unique, rather multipurpose rectangular shape that allows it to be located in any room which has been taken away for acceptances of a shower.

The pig-iron product of the latest design has a certainBrand new bath: new feelings with new design of
form of lines and corners thanks Continue reading

Color bath for two: relax, romanticism, comfort of

«We always will be together», – promise the friend the friend loving or newly-baked married couples. To fill up under one blanket, in common to drink morning coffee, in common to go on work and ворачиваться home, in common to have a rest and even to take a bath … Ah, as it is lovely and romantic! But if with the first пт cordial relations do not appear any problems, to take together a bath happens is a little problematic. Either it is rather Continue reading

Salonnye of a Spa procedure at home

Thanks to development of modern scientific technologies ordinary water procedures, for example bath reception, become the comprehensive improving action having salutary impact on all human body. Naturally, to do a Spa procedure or to carry out sessions of an aromatherapy all models of baths allow not, but for the newest collection of baths of "BainUltra" it is the statement more than fairly.

To get such innovatorsky bath – means Continue reading

We choose a bathroom of

We choose a bathroom of
When there comes a responsible time of repair of a bathroom, we constantly reflect on acquisition of the latest bath. But, for many to make such purchase very problemno. For this reason, also there was a service of restoration of starenky baths. How to solve, what of ways of updating will appear more profitable and more effectively? There are some basic circumstances outright connected with what of methods will suit only to you.

Very Continue reading

Bathroom in the latest fashion

Bathroom in the latest fashion
On March 12-16, 2013 in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) the tremendous event – the international ISH 2013 exhibition devoted to design of bathrooms took place. Producers of bathroom equipment and furniture from all globe presented the new models and became fashion-makers in a season of 2013-2014.

Judging by exhibition expositions, it is possible to allocate 3 main tendencies in design of bathrooms:
– «Busy Bathroom» is a bathroom for the Continue reading