Water for life 20

Everything once comes to the end, time here came to finish and a series about water. We discussed actually all available sources of water. Perhaps, will be and still any, but very exotic. But it any more for ours criterion. That contrast which we made out, completely enough for an ublazheniye of all our requirements. The problem consists only in making an optimum choice.

Water for life 20

Fig. 1. System of collecting rain water.

In fact, speech far not always goes about a choice of the 1st, the most economical. The factor of reliability and convenience can play even more important role, than simply assessment of maintenance costs of a source of water. Though very quite often the choice is defined not by comfort, and at all economy, and an ordinary herd instinct. Here, neighbors drill for themselves artesian wells, means and it is necessary for me. And in fact, nobody knows, rational this decision or is not present. Anybody considered nothing. Pursuit of a fashion, same version of gregarious actions.
If to approach to a question of water supply absolutely it is correct, it is completely possible to make out application to a descent of several systems of water supply. Aspects in this case will be the same. It and comfort, in other words convenience of use. Essentially, that the additional system of water supply not отымала is a lot of extra time. And on management, but it is worth to remember it and about service. And, naturally, it is necessary to estimate not only only the price of installation of additional system. You establish system not for one season therefore, there can be operational costs even more important. It is better, that they did not increase, and it is even better, would lead to economy.

Fig. 2. Abyssinian well.

We already know that at a choice of a source of water supply it is necessary to consider and the purposes, in other words as we plan it to use. After all various introduction means also different technologies of water purification, and it means, as various costs. It is necessary to hold in the head besides about reliability factor. There is a speech not about reliability of a certain system, and about a complex as a whole. After all it is fine, when at temporary failure of one system, we still have functioning system of water supply. Quite good and nezapyatanny water!

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