The best systems and ways of cleaning also that such turnaround осмос

Processing of water which arrives to us from a certain natural source, not always corresponds to norms and production requirements therefore process of a filtration, water preparation and additional cleaning has very huge value. Methods and quality of processing and preparation of water it is described and Sanpin where hygienic requirements and the general control of property also are specified is normalized. The system on water cleaning as a whole is multistage and multilevel and the water getting to us to the house, passes 6 steps of the main processing: clarification, an umyagcheniye, an obeskremnivaniye and an obessolivaniye, removal of oxides and gases, bio cleaning and removal of organic substances which appropriate a smell and color. Quality of water has bolshushchy value for health of the person therefore without considering ordinary standard cleaning of water arriving in houses and on the enterprises the most different additional resources and filters are still used.

Any systems of cleaning of water as household, industrial, tourist and municipal happen 6 types:

1. Mechanical cleaning. Removal of mechanical pollution which are in water in the form of a suspension, in other words big particles in the size more than 5-50 microns, for this purpose prefilters and disk filters are used.
2. Ionoobmenny cleaning. Ionoobmenny polymeric pitches are for this purpose used or the natural ionite is more rare, at all this bivalent metals, such as calcium, magnesium and bivalent iron, also manganese are removed.
3. Turnaround осмос. It is the most ecologically justifiable method of modern cleaning by means of which the good filtration is provided, for this purpose water is pressed through through a special unique membrane and from water viruses, bacteria, nitrates, arsenic, цианиды and others are removed.
4. Bio cleaning. Such filtration clears of organic different substances dissolved in water and cleaning by microbes is for this purpose used.
5. Physical and chemical ways of cleaning. Very effective way sorbtsiya, in other words absorption of impurity by special surfaces which are called as adsorbents is for this purpose used.
6. Electronic ways of cleaning. Application of ozone belongs to such ways cleaning from oxidized pollution, such as iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide and others, at first. Ozone lowers also characteristics of BPK, HPK, a turbidity, aroma, color and smack of water.

From these ways of cleaning the most modern and effective method is turnaround осмос where the special membrane for clarification absolutely detains the dissolved substances, passing molecules of water and softening it. Thanks to modern technologies the system of that cleaning takes a minimum of a place and can be established on though to what kitchen, and the osmotic filter applied back allows greatly and to remove promptly from water all impurity harmful to the person. This system of cleaning can perfectly be used both for the apartment and the whole house, and at restaurants and bars, hotels and in agricultural sector, also in the industry both at the enterprises and in honey establishments.

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