Siphons which no zasor

are terrible

Who from us would not like to experiment, think up something brand new, not similar on ideas of others? For example, it can be acquisition any whimsSiphons which no zasor
the left sink in a form or a bathroom for this purpose to give to an interior of a room of originality. But at all this it is worth to remember that the most important not that outside, and that is снутри. After all if the ditch is badly mounted, and the best sink will not be insured from a contamination and to these will give to the owners useless troubles.

At all so long ago in the market of the sanitary equipment there were three types of siphons, using which it is possible to forget at all that such the air eliminator. And the Wirquin company developed such легкочистящиеся siphons.
Siphons which no zasor

"Soft" siphons belong to the first look. For removal excessive грязищи it is quite easy to compress a little a siphon, and the drain will start to work normally. Besides he pretty simply acts in film and also is simply put into place. That should amuse people who dropped a valuable thing in sink sewer, and two bends will allow a veshchichka to remain probably in a siphon, instead of to be washed away directly in a ditch.

The 2nd look – "being self-cleared". It is function it is reached thanks to the bent flattened pipe.

The 3rd look is more curious, than the 1st two models. Having kept a classical form of a siphon, founders so calculated a design that at the consumer of need was not dense to fasten a siphon and to connect hermetics, and it is simple to get, as if one glass from another, to shake out superfluous and to fasten back.

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