Drop to a drop of

Drop to a drop of
To experiment a form of the sanitary equipment not simply stylishly, and it is prestigious, burning, in a most up-to-date way. Of what only sinks, baths, wash basins and toilet bowls are not done now by designers of the various companies! Here both traditional rectangle, and square, and products of a triangular form… Even round and dissymetric subjects for a bathroom any more do not strike us. But, naturally, on reached the designer creative producers is not going to stop, and always develops new models of the similar multipurpose situation, differing unusual forms.

Look and be surprised! Some recognizable brands presented to a descent new models of the sanitary equipment in the form of a drop. For example, magnificent and very nice sink Drop to a drop of
of "Drop" has a bowl in the form of the extended drop. The stylish equipment even "alone" becomes a pleasant ornament of a bathroom with a modern interior. But if to seem desire to locate such tear-shaped sink in a public toilet, complete with it it is possible to get more esthetic, the highest tear-shaped писсуары.

Other model of a sink with a bowl in the form of a drop is fascinating that it can be strengthened specifically to a wall, without using additional support. Not including that in this model with very small-sized sizes there is a comfortable handle for towels, and the extended part of a product comfortably to use as a support for various accessories.

Especially, it is convenient and fine – everything that is necessary for the modern person!

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