Shower cabins

Shower cabins are for today a usual product of sanitary mission. The shower cabin represents special fenced and suitable image the equipped place for shower acceptance. Shower cabins can be executed in the opened and closed executions. Open shower cabins fence a zone smothering partly. One of internal walls of such shower cabins usually is the existing wall of a bathroom. Also they can be constructed simply between 2 walls and доукомплектованы sliding doors. The closed shower cabins are absolutely closed on perimeter and have from above a cover. It gives the chance for installation and use of the special hydromassage equipment.

Shower cabins can be established specifically on a floor. In such shower cabins the pallet is absent, and the drain device is built in an available floor and connected to sewerage system.
Shower cabins

Shower cabins with pallets on reliability concede nothing above the described design. The high-quality pallet is capable to maintain quite big weight, without caving in. The internal surface of the shower pallet should be anti-sliding. It is natural that the design of the pallet should turn on the drain device for water drainage. In the sizes and a form shower pallets are issued at once small-sized and capacious.

Pallets for shower cabins can be divided into 5 main types. These are the pig-iron enameled pallets (for today actually are not carried out), the iron enameled pallets, glinyany (faience) pallets, acrylic pallets, also the pallets made of artificial marble.

The iron enameled pallets (iron and pig-iron) differ own durability and reliability. But have also defects – a little very much rattle under the pressure of a shower. Quality of pallets of this type almost in everything is defined by quality of the enamel put on its surface.

To pluses of clay (faience) pallets refer their stability and massiveness, but they are fragile, as well as all sanfayansovy products.

Acrylic pallets are very warm and pleasant for feelings. But also in this case did not leave without defects. Acrylic pallets quite strong, but have property to cave in, in other words demand additional strengthening from below. Usually for these purposes special dural frameworks on spiral legs for height adjustment are used.
Shower cabins

Pallets from artificial marble have beautiful external shape and can decorate with itself an interior though what room. These pallets quite strong and it is simple to look after them. Even at emergence of cracks or material chips, it is possible to return it simply. It is possible to carry to defects of such pallets only relatively the highest the price.

Frameworks of shower ogorazhivaniye usually become from the aluminum having a special covering.

Shower doors can be divided into two main categories. To the first category the doors made of polystyrene (plastic and plexiglas), and concern the 2nd – from the harmless tempered glass. The doors relating to the first category are more presentable from the economic point of view, but they rather promptly lose own initial external shape (grow turbid, there are stains). Glass doors can be called truly the long-term. They become from the special tempered glass which on prochnostny lines does not concede to windshields of cars. Glass doors simply wash and remain completely transparent during the whole period of operation. Glass doors for shower cabins can be transparent, opaque, with patterns or without them.

On a method of opening of a door of shower cabins can be sliding and raspashny. Raspashnye doors in turn usually happen single-door, or two-folding. They demand rather bigger area of a bathroom on comparison to sliding doors. Sliding doors can consist of several shutters (usually to 6). Shutters of sliding doors move on the rollers hidden in a framework. High-quality sliding doors open and locked actually silently.
Shower cabins

The high-quality shower cabin costs expensive enough. The best option are the shower cabins made with application of walls of tempered harmless glass in width more than 6 mm, strong profiles and silently opening doors. Besides, truly excellent shower cabins are deprived of oxidized parts and contain in own design a minimum of grooves and corners to what dirt can gather. Shower cabins should be so harmless that the washing person had not to be afraid of probable traumas from contact to the ground edges or acting parts. Besides the cabin should be quite shock-resistant.

In the market a number of expensive functional shower cabins is also presented. They can be equipped with the different additional equipment. In functional shower cabins hydromassage function is by all means provided. Thus in one shower cabins of modes of massage can be less, and in others it is more. In the shower cabins equipped with special steam generators, the effect of a bath is created. Also in modern functional shower cabins can be besides radio and phone.

And in the conclusion it is necessary to emphasize separately that the shower cabin is rather difficult type of the sanitary equipment and asks a professional approach, both in the process of its choice, and in work on its assembly and installation.

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