As we changed a pig-iron sewer pipe in a toilet.

We have in the apartment an ancient metal pipe of the 50th years of construction. Never anybody changed it, only painted. The crack went to a certain moment on a pipe on a bell. The crack went irrespective of any circumstances, anybody on a pipe did not thrash, simply the pipe burst. From it as surprisingly did not flow and did not reach any aroma. Certainly, any external part of cast iron burst, nevertheless, in its year was decided to change for plastic.

Called the Zhekovsky plumber, and began joint маята. There was an idea to change a pipe together with the neighbor from above, but that as ill luck would have it did not appear in a current of week, therefore cast iron from above should be cut off at a ceiling, having left distance to dress plastic. From below cut off to a glass to dress plastic. When all cut off in parts the Bulgarian, fixture beat out a chisel – it was very dirty and bad smelled, it became clear, why in a crack flew nothing – the pipe was hammered by deposits of a rust and limestone, from a big thick metal pipe pass for the sewerage remained only a diameter 5 see.

As we changed a pig-iron sewer pipe in a toilet.

Mounted a plastic pipe as the designer – got детальки one on another. At installation of laying did not use – the master coated all with hermetic. Collected a bell at a ceiling and made one fastening to a wall, from below put a tee and branches on kitchen and a bath, made a window. Approximately in half a year the pipe at us sagged, is sensitive tilted, wished to take away it in a box, but hands did not reach yet.

Approximately in 3 months the neighbor from above independently from us too changed a sewer pipe, having cut off from below also to a glass. So we between apartments also had in overlapping 2 pieces of metal pipes. While in any way they did not excite us, страгивать them we were afraid.

As we changed a pig-iron sewer pipe in a toilet.

The 1st half a year it was difficult to get used at washout of neighbors from above when washing water on the sewerage everything merged it was clearly audible and irritated in particular with a night. Approximately in a year – or all very much got used, or because of outgrowths on walls the noise isolation became better, but at present the voobshchy is not audible when someone uses a ditch so all horror stories about noise in pipes were temporary.

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