The mixer – on everything 360!

The mixer - on everything 360!
In the current time very many companies are engaged in development of mixers and different accessories for a bathroom and kitchen. Well and as can be on another. After all these subjects assist purity and order maintenance in our house.

One of such companies is «Dornbracht» which exists more than fifty years. For this period of time they learned to create not only only high-quality and fine and comfortable products, which German developers after manual assembly subject to different tests to prove that the subject will sustain various loading, for example, if to the mixer to submit a strong pressure of water.
The mixer - on everything 360!

For creation of own inimitable models, they invite different professional designers. At all so long ago they brought into the world one more model of mixers – «Pivot» in which development perceived concrete a Sieger Design design bureau role.

The Pivot mixer, as well as not very well what novelty which has got on the market, has the corresponding features. It on all 360 degrees turns round own axis, well and besides it having given vent makes 55 cm that does much more conveniently not only only process of washing of ware and nalivany waters in different huge capacities. But because the covering at the mixer either chromic, or opaque, it will be in harmony very successfully with other elements of kitchen.

The mixer - on everything 360!

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