Attractive snake заместо ordinary crane

Attractive snake заместо ordinary crane
Flexible, esthetically nice external shape, multipurpose – that crane for a kitchen sink dreams to have not very well what hostess. For certain, founders of the latest model of the kitchen Ritmonio Dumbo mixer were guided by specifically similar motivation, developing own unique project. Having given vent to the crane in the form of a snake consisting of parts, can turn in any party and raise "head" on any height as in having laid up at it there are 30 cm of length.

For production of new Italian Ritmonio Dumbo mixers high-quality stainless steel with a brilliant dusting is used. It is possible to carry to pluses of a novelty also that fact that the serpentine crane can be used with ease to a descent on two sinks – it is necessary to "correct" its placement a little. Perfectly as well that the site of a nouse of the mixer also simply changes therefore all inaccessible parts of ware and huge extraordinary subjects will begin to wash much more simply.

Founders of the crane snake took care and of external appeal of own development. Except usual for kitchen mixers of silvery and metal option of a covering of the Ritmonio Dumbo model can have other "color", for example, bright dark blue or saturated-orange.

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