New independent systems of the sewerage

New independent systems of the sewerage on a modern step of building of separately standing inhabited objects give the chance to solve the difficulties connected with water removal of economic drains in case of lack of the sewer and centralized highway of water supply. Such systems of the sewerage help to remove a watery and firm waste of activity of the person, also clear of impurity sewage. Printsipny operability of independent systems of the mentioned type is built with calculation of actual recurrence of the microbes developing on organic connections. Well-known that in sewage the stately large quantity of similar harmful microbes is.

In the current time in the market it is possible to behold various systems of the sewerage, any of options has the pluses, but also everyone has defects therefore choosing system of this kind, it is necessary to consider everything pros and cons. The accumulative tank is the simplest installation on the chosen site (in case of a small and infrequent sbrasyvaniye of sewage). A minus of this system is the necessary and invariable cleaning of capacity.

For creation on the site of the new independent equipment allocated under construction, sewerage systems with work type on base a septic tank which has a field for a filtration, essentially for a start to carry out the analysis of an earth layer – soil, also conditions of ground waters. Under this type of installation soil quite easy giving-in to a filtration is more suitable sand. This type of independent system asks neotklonimy kazhdogodny service, does not occupy a lot of district, there is no need to power supply connection.
On the soil, differing bad absorbency, in most cases establish a septic tank with a biofiltration. This system does not take a lot of place, it is usually necessary to use in addition independent pump station.
The best clarification of sewage occurs when using in work of independent system of the sewerage to compulsory bio cleaning, under the title aeration.

Such independent systems of the sewerage in Moscow establish in most cases on the soils having not so quite good absorbency. Installation is quite functional and modern and it has certain defects. So, installation works of system of water supply, the device of system and the equipment costs expensive. Asks invariable frequent service, and work asks specifically electronic food. It is necessary to emphasize that hit of a fatty waste in sewage at equipment operation, unacceptably. Hit washing and cleaners in sewage also lowers quality of cleaning of water.

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