Comfortable sinks for admirers of a miniatyurizm of

Comfortable sinks for admirers of a miniatyurizm of
The modern interior executed in the spirit of a miniatyurizm, asks special decisions. To take a bathroom – in this small room, except bathroom equipment, it is necessary to arrange still boxes and shelves for storage of various trifles. But how to fight with never-ending shortage of a place?

Designers know the answer to this question! For example, they suggest to connect a comfortable shelf to a wash basin. The similar design looks not so massive even on comparison to so popular console little tables.

Noteworthy novelties of that plan can be beheld in the Delos collection. The magnificent shelf firmly fastens to a wall, at once protecting the last from splashes. Despite of the small sizes of the shelf, a place will suffice both for a sink, and for washing accessories, and the towel needs to be hung up on lateral fastening. In total under a hand and at all this it is very compact! Models are presented in 2 color variations – varnished snow-white for fans of a spotless miniatyurizm and with furnish under a generous tree for those who appreciates validity together with elegance.

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good the option of a hybrid of a sink and the shelf was presented by Antonio Lupi Design studio. Wash basins from the MYSLOT series are the shelf! Thus that they are calculated to a descent for two, places under various devices all the same remains enough. And from below designers decided to arrange a small hinged locker with drawers – simple, fashionably and very comfortably.

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