Topas, is unique and effective cleaning of sewage

Modern cleaning of sewage represents the whole complex of different actions of pollution carried out for removal which contain in waste industrial and household waters. Three main methods are applied to that cleaning, such as mechanical, bio and physical and chemical cleaning, also also additional disinfection of waters from time to time is used. The house special station for cleaning under the title Topas which is created for professional cleaning of different sewage, including waters from jet and washing machines is very popular now.

Topas is intended for cleaning of waters of a personal source of pollution, in other words is applied in the main thing in suburban houses, dachas and on small productions. Modern cleaning топас is delivered in a complete look, such station can be used both for seasonal and for all-the-year-round service. There is now a number of models топас, from topas-5 to model topas-150, stations of this type are certificated by GIS, have certification of institute of construction modern equipment and are protected by the international patent. Cleaning here is carried out by the active weighed silt, and air for work of station moves the membrane silent compressors located in the general design. Such compressors are used as well for a drive of the air pump which serves for pumping of sewage between station chambers. The framework of station is produced from a strong polipropilenovy material that provides big term of operation of all system.

There are two main options of performance of cleaning топас:
1. The sand integrated filter which perfectly clears sewage to 98 %, after that cleaning water will be applicable for use
2. A membrane filtration which clears water of microbes and then water can be used again in an economy

Thanks to complete bio oxidation sewage passes good-quality effective cleaning and at all this it is possible to be released already absolutely from assenizatsionny starenky cars. Modern new development allows to do installation of this clearing equipment in any type of soil, and at operation of that device there will be no opposite smells that is important for cleaning systems. The independent system is deprived of standard difficulty of unevenness of the general inflow of sewage, in other words accumulation of drains at their cleaning will not be, and level of the cleaning at all this remains to the greatest. The symbol of each model corresponds to number of users, for example, Topas-5 is calculated on 5 people, Topas-10 on 10 people, and here the Topas-100 models and 150 already are suitable for cleaning of sewage of the whole cottage settlement. The volume of processing of such sewage is in dependence from a certain model and makes from 1 to 24 m3 in day, at all this electronic consumed energy will make 1,5 kW/days and more.

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