How to choose the pump for a well

How to choose the pump for a well
At construction of the personal house bezizbezhno there is a question of water supply and if you decided to be based in own housing «seriously and for a long time», to you is necessary, so called, artesian well.

Deep-well water lies on depth at least 25-30M (happens 70, 100 and there are more meters underground) under the pressure of boundaries waterproof rocky layers. Such water is firmly isolated from a surface and consequently cannot be polluted. Drilled once, an artesian well will work for you more than 50 years.

So, the choice is clear – an artesian well…

Upon termination of drilling you receive this well in the order: a pipe sticking out of the earth (iron or plastic), a diameter, usually, less than 150 mm.

Here, actually, also there is the main discrepancy: how to deliver this water in the house. Thus it is not simple to deliver and provide with it uninterrupted supply of members of household.
It is clear that without introduction of the special equipment, namely, the skvazhinny pump, it not to make.How to choose the pump for a well

At all this it is necessary to consider that the right choice of the pump, depends and on quantity living in the house, and from that, how many water analysis points predvideno and at what greatest height from an earth surface they take place, well and eventually, from what depth water will rise.

Not including that, essentially to realize that water in the house should arrive not simply in sufficient volume and under sufficient pressure that, having opened the crane in though to what point of water analysis, you could receive a normal stream with a sufficient pressure, instead of a thin thread of slow water.
Proceeding from it, the pump steals up with such calculation that pressure on a water exit in though what of points of water analysis would be (taking into account losses on a friction in pipes) not less 2nd bar.

There are some formulas allowing approximately to calculate demanded productivity of the pump and a pressure of water which it should provide.
Productivity of the pump is determined by the general water consumption, as the sum of a consumption of water by all points of water analysis in unit of time.
At all this for each type of the equipment there are the norms defining factor of its use. These norms are given below in the table:

equipment | factor (X) | quantity (n) | total factor (X*n=Y)

toilet 3
Shower 2
Bathroom 2
The crane in a sink 6
Bidet 1
The crane in kitchen 2
Washing machine 2
Dishwasher 2
The crane for watering 2

Tеперь if with reference to your certain object to fill in the table two last columns, it is possible to calculate total factor of water consumption (Y), knowing which it is simple to calculate the greatest consumption of water in the house in unit of time, using already other plate:

Y 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 25 30 35
Rmax (l/mines) 12 18 24 30 36 40,8 46,8 51 55,8 67,8 78 87,6
1 l/m = 60 l/h = 0,05994 m3/h

Also there is a formula and for calculation of a pressure (N) which should give out the pump:

N = L1+0.1*L2+10*P

Here: L1 = depth of the pump from earth level, plus distance from the earth to the most top point of analysis;
L2 = the sum of length of a water supply system to the house and in the house across.
R – pressure in system (we take equal 3 atm).

It is possible to calculate, knowing certain sizes.

Productivity and pressure of a certain pump are specified in its passport and on the plate placed on the case of the pump.

As to the answer to a question: «What brand of the pump to take?» it already the personal record of everyone, and a choice here depends, at first, on monetary abilities. But I would recommend to take «Grundfos» (I have specifically it). It is expensive, but believe, it that costs.

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