For what pumps are necessary for pools as such pumps


Modern pumps for pools represent very basic element of structure of the pool, the pump, naturally, is an imperceptible detail, but specifically everything depends on that detail very much almost and she here plays truly a significant role. The modern pump considerably influences a water filtration in the pool and provides continuous special circulation of applied water. That pump not only only provide water supply and serves for a uniform rassredotachivaniye of different chemical preparations in the pool. This device consists in the general chain of work of the pool: the pool – the special pump – a water filtration – a heater – the pool. Pumps for pools are an installation core on a water filtration therefore quality of the pump should be excellent and there should not be defects.

The capacity of the pump should be equated and correspond to the characteristics serving for usual work of filtering main station. In other words speed and volume of water of pumping of the water should correspond to the general sizes of the pool and water volumes in it. The capacity of the pump provides a usual cycle of a water turn and thanks to its work good cleaning in the absence of so called «dead zones», in other words places where water in the pool stands is provided. Often meeting type of the pump is the self-soaking-up pump where the pomp and a cursor takes place in one case. The case becomes in the main thing from reliable and strong plastic which will be resistant to temperature changes. Less often the case is produced from bronze or from iron though on the other hand it provides more the highest general resistance to pressure and to the highest temperatures. The pool not including it should be equipped with a special room for the pump, here by all means should be also emergency having merged waters and respective ventilation, and the room for the pump should be indispensable the warm. The type of the pump should get out is dependent on the filter, and not just only from size of the pool though the main function its is uninterrupted аква circulation. Modern pumps also are equipped with an anti-vibrating special slip which serves for absorption of noise. Centrifugal self-soaking-up pumps have good absorbing ability, and are suitable for water with the content of sand and with existence of vials of air in pool water. Also they are suitable for pumping of water with brutal liquid, for example, the chlorinated water which is more quite often applied in huge pools. The cover of a sealant and a support of the motor in the main thing is produced from stainless steel, and mechanical consolidation do of graphite and ceramics.

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