Lets make tea … from under the crane

Lets make чаёк … from under the crane
The senior generation in our country still remembers those big samovars in dining rooms from which everyone could gather for itself a kipyatochka for tea. The thought is ordinary and ingenious – one turn of the gate, and from a tap flows ready кипяточек. Here that typical "teapot", however, interpreted under the present, also was presented at the last exhibition of the kitchen equipment by the German company Blanco specializing on production of mixers, sinks and other equipment for kitchen.

The brand new system under the title of BLANCO HOT allows to save up essentially time of manufacturing of food Lets make чаёк … from under the crane
as now to make coffee or tea, to scald vegetables or to douse a kipyatochok fruit it is possible directly from under the crane. The Innovatorsky system of hot water can submit the water which temperature varies from 65°С to 100°С. And everything that it is necessary to make for this purpose – only to turn the additional gate on the mixer. Thus safety of BLANCO HOT is promised by a special blokirator therefore the adult person, the more small child, will not manage to be scalded by a kipyatochok on imprudence.

And the brand new system BLANCO HOT all by the same principle of "samovar" works. In other words the big water heater is hidden under a kitchen sink, and кипяточек from it moves on a special tube directly to the mixer having except the additional gate standard levers for inclusion of ordinary cool and hot water.

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