Hydromassage, aero therapy, control panel and so forth

Not substitution attribute of a room for washing and shower acceptance, the bathroom should be executed from a material of the highest property and have elegant design. So, in the market of the sanitary equipment there was a modern hydroaero massage bath of BANOS Jazz which differs refinement and simplicity of external shape, also existence of the necessary set of additional parts.

The bath comes into a complete set of this model from Hydromassage, aero therapy, control panel and so forth
strong acryle, a special framework for a bath of the highest durability and possibility of adjustment of height of legs. Also there is an improved control panel (pneumatic) and automatic plums modulations.

This standard of bathroom equipment represents traditional type of products for bathrooms – the comfortable form and a large quantity of advantages allows to receive a true pleasure from acceptance of a session of massage aero therapy.

Not including that, BANOS Jazz is possible in addition доукомплектовать the face-to-face panel, the lateral panel, handles, a head restraint and galogenovy illumination, also tsvetoterapiy with pneumomanagement, mixers of different type, a masseur for feet from the 4th nozzles, system of ozonization and many other devices.

The price of the latest hydroaero massage bath from the Spanish producer – near 50тыс.рублей.

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