The mixer with drawing – a distinguished engraving

The mixer with drawing – a distinguished engraving
The German company "Joerger" was is based still at first 1900, and for today is known as the producer of accessories for a bathroom, mixers, various sanitary ceramics. By all means, at present their range extended and technologies and quality became better. But one remained to constants is a beauty of products and their originality.

Not so long since designers of the company decided to amuse all fans beautiful 11 types of Plateau mixers. In each of these models designers could show traditional severity in a compartment with unusual The mixer with drawing – a distinguished engraving
design. Though what of the presented mixers differs the inimitable drawing on a surface. This sketch, by the way, to be reproduced at the expense of introduction of a laser The mixer with drawing – a distinguished engraving
engraving, and at desire of the client, the portrait can be changed, for example, to his initials or shaped. Out of doubt, it on advantage will be estimated by owners of hotels and hotels.

That after all concerns final furnish, and here designers considered all probable options: the gold, the polished chrome, opaque brass, ordinary brass, bronze and platinum. Even then, when to people hunting to bring a little iridescent flowers in the life, Plateau mixers can come to the rescue. In this case it will be very good to add the color Plateau Color case in the mixer.

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