Water for life 11

Well drilled, the equipment established, now it is necessary to make the decision that to us with water further to do. Let’s begin with drinking water. Somehow in consciousness it developed that spring water, and water from wells completely can be equated to it, it is even better water. In fact it not so. And the most awful that we know nothing about quality of that water. And here, about water to us it is clear that it arrives in a water supply system in coordination with the requirement of standards.

Water for life 11

Fig. 1. Analysis of property of water.

To realize that after all to us further to do with water, it is necessary to be caused with its structure. Such work is done perfectly by establishments different the specialist. Voobshchem, is not enough to make the analysis of property of water only once. In system of the central water supply that analysis can be carried out and few times in day. For a well it can be and лишне, but, in coordination with sanitary standards, we should create that analysis not less often than 4 times a year, at season change. Nevertheless, more basic is the 1st water analysis from a well.
Specifically thanks to the first analysis we should make the decision that we need to make with water. For artesian wells bio pollution meets occasionally. And frequent it is marriage at the equipment of wells when the verkhovodka gets to a well. About bio pollution we will have a talk later. For now we will consider that the mineralization will be object of our influence. It is necessary for finishing to the level resolved by sanitary standards. It also becomes by means of filters. Universal filters which so advertize on TV, hardly suit us. They are created for correction of water from the central water supply system. Therefore, clean chlorine, and there can be an iron.

Fig. 2. Ionoobmennye filters.

The special filter is necessary to us. Ionoobmenny filters are usually used. And reagents steal up specifically by results of water analysis. It is clear that it is simple to get it it is impossible, it is necessary to order in the specialist establishment. And later besides to serve, reagents demand updating. And by results of the constant analysis of property of water, configurations can besides to be brought.
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