Wall mixer of a natural form

Wall mixer of a natural form
The German quality is at all the theorem, it already the fairy tale in yazyets. Anybody will not think at all to doubt durability and reliability of a product if it is made by the company of Germany. But more all the designers working over creation of new types of production for the German producers, give product practicalities.

Let’s give only one, but very bright, to that an example. The Axor company at all presented so long ago the newest model of the wall mixer for a bathroom 12410000, become worthy replenishment of the Axor Starck Organic collection. In a novelty design completely all details are functional and calculated to trifles.

Wall mixer of a natural form
The handle near излива is responsible for inclusion and water shutdown, and water temperature can be regulated by means of the second gate. Unusual, but in own way nice forms of the mixer of model 12410000, remind natural forms of a branch of a tree. Let’s notice that such decision is the specific card of the Axor company, instead of including that on an izgotovka of the mixer it is required to brass three times less.

To the lines doing a novelty by the high-economic sanitary equipment, the special system of aeration belongs also. It means that the consumption of water when using the mixer 12410000 is essentially reduced. And long term of operation of a novelty is provided not only only qualitative materials of production and reliability of assembly of a design and the special insulating channel снутри the mixer which protects the product case from direct contact to water.

Fashionably, conveniently, economically and just fine – that else it is possible to long from the mixer for a bath!

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