Bathroom in style of a nostalgic retro

Bathroom in style of a nostalgic retro
So many new thoughts soars in air, so many modern things surround us everywhere! But innovatorsky the invention of the last years would not be what, what fine they to us would not seem, from time to time we last a heart to the darling, those trustful and charming old times. And, naturally, one of favourite motives for designers when developing new things, stylish and distinguished style of a retro is.

Not so long ago ranks of fans and admirers of old times were filled by the young designer of Barbara Barry. It embodied the commitment to style of the 30th years of last eyelid in the newest collection of furniture for «Counterpoint» bathroom. It can seem oddish, but the devices stylized under "retro" and the equipment do not seem rare Bathroom in style of a nostalgic retro
"monsters". All subjects which have entered into the latest collection, are very harmoniously entered in a modern interior of a bathroom.

36 different subjects enter into a collection, beginning from laconic mixers and sinks, finishing magnificent sconces and dressing tables. Thus the founder of the latest Counterpoint series specially developed the project such makary that to various console little tables sinks it was possible to pick up that or other model of the lighting device and the crane, making from their harmonious set executed in uniform style.

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