Kitchen in a window or the falling mixer

Kitchen in a window or the falling mixer
The demountable mixer for a kitchen sink of "Como Window" – one of the last development of professionals of the German manufacturing company Villeroy & Boch. The novelty becomes from qualitative opaque stainless steel, is armed with one control lever and corresponds to all necessary standards of property.

That after all concerns personal feature of the new Como Window mixer so it is possibility to remove and put it on a sink side without introduction of any special tools. Vobshchem to put the magnificent demountable crane in "working" situation also it will not be necessary any adaptations.

Such constructive decision looks very nice for those who wishes to establish Kitchen in a window or the falling mixer
a kitchen sink directly about a window, after all the "falling" mixer нисколечко will not prevent to open and close a window frame. Stand for itself, it is weakened wash the dishes and admire a marvelous view from the window! Magically, isn’t that so?

The design of the latest model of the Como Window mixer is created by analogy to stationary mixers for kitchen sinks of the Como series. And the small pristavochka of "Window" will allow buyers not to be mistaken at a choice and to get specifically demountable crane for own kitchen.

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