Toilet bowl and air eliminator: association

It was not seemingly unpleasant to say about it, but that such the littered toilet bowl, all know generally. And, naturally, to all of us the universal tool which comes to the rescue at a contamination of drain and sewer pipes is familiar. Naturally is a not substitution air eliminator.
Toilet bowl and air eliminator: association

Though this tool is necessary in an economy, but it always for some reason or other try to hide far away. And at the most right moment it is necessary to remember and is long to find, where we put the air eliminator. Here therefore the concept of model of a toilet bowl of "PUSHit" with the integrated air eliminator causes that enthusiasm and excited looks.

You only look narrowly, what excellent and usual thought – to simulate a toilet bowl cover such makary that by easy pressing she started to act as the air eliminator! Well and from the esthetic party such multipurpose sanitary equipment looks very presentably and very much in a most up-to-date way.

And, naturally, the most important advantage of the conceptual project of a toilet bowl of "PUSHit" with a cover air eliminator consists that it will not be necessary to creep under a bathroom any more or in a store room in search of the tool for zasor elimination. Pressed at the smallest need on a cover – and work of pipes is restored!

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