Repair of a toilet room

Repair of a toilet room
So, you started repair of a toilet room. What to choose санфаянс? Modern producers offer very wide choice of production which differ on quality, design and the prices.

What it is necessary to make before a campaign in shop?

Apartment renovation by all means demand significant currency investments therefore it is necessary to estimate the monetary abilities soberly. Be caused, whether there will be at you a cheap repair, or you will be spent for «a wide foot».

On the subsequent step it is necessary to be caused with the size of a toilet bowl. Here it is necessary to make a start from room metric area. If a toilet room small, it is meaningful to direct attention to small-sized hinged models which will essentially save up a place. If it is enough place, choose any pleasant model. The main thing, that the toilet bowl was comfortable in use because to meet it it is necessary povsevremenno.

Repair of a toilet room
More essentially, that the toilet bowl was harmoniously entered in an interior of a toilet room therefore it is necessary to direct attention to its design and a form.

Having realized the main moments, it is possible to sail away to shop behind purchases.

On what it is necessary to direct attention in shop?

To choose санфаянс costs very fixedly. Pay special attention to the size of a toilet bowl and its form. Very essentially, that the toilet bowl was comfortable in use. Therefore do not fear condemnation and sit down on it. If muscles of feet and a basin do not strain, this model is necessary for noting in applicants for purchase. Have a look, what size a toilet bowl rim, it should be the average sizes and to be quite comfortable in use.

Have a look further, what form a toilet bowl bowl. Forms are divided on funneled, kozyrkovy and tarelchaty. Funneled so are called, thanks to similarity with a funnel. At the moment of descent water flows down on all diameter of a toilet bowl. From time to time at plum it is possible to feel opposite splashes. Such toilet bowls without difficulties that is important are cleaned. The Kozyrkovy form often meeting. In these toilet bowls the platform is placed under a certain corner which comes to the end with a hole. This inclination excludes possibility of formation of splashes. Tarelchatye toilet bowls are similar to plates, such were rather quite often established in "five-storey apartment blocks" when all-Union building was carried out, and available cheap repair was carried out. This form rather usual and comfortable in operation.

Repair of a toilet room
Specify, what look a drain tank and drain mechanisms. Tanks happen high-pendant and low-pendant. In former times practically in all average apartments high-pendant tanks were established. Now they are executed in modern design and remind own "grandfathers" not enough. Low-pendant tanks are rather popular and are in demand. They are ordinary in installation and are comfortable in use. What will be a tank, depends only on your preferences and features of a toilet room.

Drain mechanisms also differ on the two-regime button or the ordinary spuskny handle. The mechanism in the form of the double button is comfortable that there is a possibility to regulate volume of lowered water, is dependent on a certain option. Choose санфаянс with metal components if wish to use it long and long years.

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