Installation of system of watering, drainage and drainage system

Modern automatic systems of watering are urged to facilitate very much care of the territory of a country site or the suburban house, providing the best and continuous watering of greenish plantings. Thanks to these systems, the high-quality irrigation is reached both on small sites, and on the significant areas.

Specialists use a personal approach in a choice of the rational decision of system of watering taking into account attendance owners of a site and type of vegetative plantings. They will develop the project of the most difficult systems of autowatering, will establish them on your site and will render services in service and warranty service.

Installation of system of watering, drainage and drainage system
Systems of autowatering provided possibility of connection of sensors of humidity of the earth and air, rain sensors, also minimeteorological station connection, on it the water consumption in comparison to ordinary system of an irrigation goes down for 20-30 %.

The system of drop watering is based on water supply specifically in a radical zone of plants. Installation of a drop irrigation will allow to lower a consumption of water and the electric power in comparison to classical ways of waterings few times, at all this in 3-4 times the norm of introduction of the mineral fertilizers submitted with water goes down.

The Alpine hills, rosaries, decorative plantings and flower beds are zones where the drop irrigation will show you all the advantages.

Installation of system of watering, drainage and drainage system
And here the difficulties connected with sedimentary and ground waters, the drainage system will help to solve. Specialists of the company will apply superficial and deep (underground) drainage systems to effective branch of thawed, rain and flood water. The best combination of these 2 systems will allow to reduce volume of ground works and will lower extent of channels of the storm sewerage.

The system of a storm drainage system represents a network of profound channels and the sand traps covered with demountable protective and decorative lattices. They interfere with garbage hit in system and in parallel provide safety for pedestrians and transport. The collector well equipped with the turnaround valve, will not allow water to filter from a well into drainage system.

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