The crane concept on two streams of water

The concept of the new mixer which was presented by designer Daniel So at an international exhibition of the sanitary equipment not so long ago passing in Milan, hardly it is possible to compare with any other model of a water tap. The pressure of water can be regulated completely in all cranes in usual pressing of the handle. But to change its direction so that the mixer became similar to a drinking fontanchik, for usual models it is unattainable.The crane concept on two streams of water

The founder of the concept of the new crane had to break half a year the head how to make the mixer comfortable and for morning hygienic procedures, and for drink. Eventually, discrepancy was solved, and finally there was rather fascinating concept of the crane the water stream from which can be focused or down, in a sink, or practically on a horizontal curve.

The crane concept on two streams of water
How to operate the mixer, not heavy to guess. Handle turn on the right and on it is left regulates water temperature, movement up-down does a pressure of water more feasible or more poorly. Distinctive feature of the concept of the new mixer will be that in pressing the handle down to an emphasis you change the direction of a stream of water and turn the crane into a typical drinking fontanchik.

Cunning of a novelty is ordinary – in model not one, and the whole two nouses! Through the bottom there is a usual water supply, from the second you receive more the most powerful pressure and a horizontal stream, will satisfy thirst from which even more conveniently. Design society already estimated this fascinating idea, and whether the brand new model of the mixer here will use demand at ordinary consumers, remains while an open question.

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