Novelties from Swarovski: mixers and not only only

Novelties from Swarovski: mixers and not only only
The choice of design of a bathroom, sometimes, leads up a blind alley. How the bathroom should look, what furniture will approach to this room, what sanitary equipment needs to be chosen?

When the 1st two questions will be solved and business remains only behind bathroom equipment, judges of retrostyle should get accustomed to the newest collection of mixers from the VitrA company. Juno Classic and Juno Swarovski cranes own in a unique way and are executed in a color palette of chrome and gold.

Juno Swarovski differs elegant handles regulators in the form of Swarovski crystals. The handle from a line of Juno Classic will please to judges of all gone to centuries.

Novelties from Swarovski: mixers and not only only
Besides, these taps give the chance to save up an electric power expense – are equipped with a cartridge, allowing to set the greatest characteristics of a temperature mode of water.

Creative devices – panels for Loop and Sirius washout are more fascinating and presentable, are applicable to hinged toilet bowls. Their original performance do a room more effective and unusual.

Also innovations touched a popular strip of the sanitary subjects Istanbul – womanly snow-white option and serious dark it simply flight of fancy. The price category of these products makes from 9 тыщ rubles for product unit.

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