The mixer – the owner in a bathroom

The mixer - the owner in a bathroom
Who owner of baths?! And at all Moydodyr! And the main chief in a bathroom – the mixer! Specifically from it the comfort depends on a shower and a bath. The mixer – "mixes" cool and hot water. But all mixers connect this water differently.

The mixer with 2 gates. Both cool, and burning waters are regulated separately.

The mixer with a spherical lock. Here water inflow is regulated by means of turn of one handle.

The mixer - the owner in a bathroom
The mixer with the thermostat and the pressure jack. At such mixers – two handles from lateral face. One regulates a water pressure, and another – temperature. To chagrin, our water supply system promptly puts such equipment out of action.

The mixer with a photo cell and touch management. From a point of a design approach mixers happen completely various. The most various flowers, forms.

Horizontal mixers. It is often meeting type of installation of the mixer. They also differ!

Opened installation. In this case all mixer is on a surface. For example, mixers with functions “a bath – a shower” can be equipped with the toggle-switch: divertor (button: switching from a shower on a bath automatic), flazhkovy (switching manually).Стоить the horizontal mixer of open installation can from 700 roubles to 10000 roubles.

The mixer - the owner in a bathroom
Hidden installation. Here all mechanism "is hidden" in a wall. And we contemplate only the decorative panel of adjustment of water temperature. There are such mixers much more expensive. average in 4-15 thousand roubles.

Nabortny mixer. That mixer is established aboard baths or on a special shelf. In most cases in a board of a bath do special openings which deduce the mixer in a bath. Such mixers also happen and integrated and external installation.

The mixer on a floor. This mixer represents a column. Its "growth" It can reach 1,5 m very strong and steady. This option use for separately standing baths. Such mixers enough – about 30 000 roubles cost expensive.

Mixers cascades. These are mixers with a cascade rassredotachivaniye of water supply. They do effect of falls.

Outside are huge and flat mixers. They are installed both on a wall, and on a rack, and onboard a bathroom. There is that mixer from 20 000 roubles to 70 000 roubles.

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