Sink with the highest sides – dream well and only

Sink with the highest sides - dream well and only
The brand new model of a kitchen sink «BLANCOATTIKA-60A_SteelArt» which is let out by the German manufacturing company, has every chance huge popularity and to grasp love of housewives. It becomes clear at the first look on a delightful novelty, and not just only therefore that the sink of "BLANCOATTIKA-60A_SteelArt" received to a descent two prestigious merits – iF Product Design Award 2013 and Interior Innovation Award 2013.

Everything is explained rather easily. In – 1-x, the brand new sink is armed with the highest sides which interfere with a water razbryzgivaniye when washing ware. Well and depth of a novelty of a marvelous novelty a little more than at the similar equipment – whole 17,5 see.

In – 2-x, the BLANCOATTIKA-60A_SteelArt model is completed with the small-sized mixer for kitchen sinks of Blancoeloscope-F II which can be as required drowned" in a sink surface. It gives additional abilities of placement of a sink in kitchen, for example, it is possible to put it specifically before a window, after all the window frame can be closed and opened freely.

Sink with the highest sides - dream well and only
In – 3-x, specially the producer developed a beautiful chopping board for a sink of this model from wood breed of an ash-tree. Such board will serve is very long, as the ash-tree in small degree is subject to influence of water and mechanical different damages. Besides the sizes of a board are absolutely adjusted to the BLANCOATTIKA-60A_SteelArt sizes therefore it perfectly settles down over a sink and forms an additional working surface for food manufacturing.

Also the novelty is eventually made of qualitative stainless steel that guarantees reliability of its use for a long time. That here you will tell, dream well and only!

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