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Introduction of a polyethylene fitting

Polyethylene fitting lets out from cellophane of low pressure (or PND). They intend for installation of the polyethylene pipeline though what size or mission. They are diverse in a form, are extensively used in different engineering networks, gazo-and petrohighways, also irrigating systems. Introduction of a polyethylene fitting allows firmly and it is simple to join some parts of communications at once, to do branches of engineering networks, Continue reading

Fitting – a basic element of the pipeline

The pipeline – a basic element in giving of water supply, the gas pipeline and other necessary types of life support, therefore very essentially that installation of pipes of such constructions it was carried out firmly and strong, without neglect to quality and durability of a material, directly to small connencting of details.

Such parts of the pipeline also is a fitting, – the iron details applied at installation or installation of pipes, Continue reading

About a fitting

It is rather difficult to present for itself connection of separate sites of any pipeline without such necessary and basic parts, as a fitting which do in this case very responsible role of connecting parts., so unusual, but already got accustomed and used by the majority of us these connecting elements took the title from the British word "FITTING". The sphere of introduction of a fitting in fact is very vast. They everywhere are Continue reading