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How truly to choose a toilet bowl? Now for acquisition of this subject of a hygienic room beforehand it is necessary to understand types of similar constructions because their models the unlimited quantity is created. It can be as ватерклозеты for small, and for big rooms.

Allocate the floor and hinged designs united by a tank and separate, with the most different types of washout and a form. Except all the rest, it should be noted the most various materials from which the design on what the price of a construction of a similar standard will depend then is made.

Classical floor toilet bowls are installed on a floor of a room and firmly fixed by means of fixing parts (bolts or screws). Now allocate four main types ватерклозетов.

The 1st look – a design with suspended to a wall at a ceiling a drain tank. That type is considered traditional and is developed about 100 years ago. The drain tank incorporates to a toilet bowl a special pipe (from metal or plastic). For plum of water the handle suspended on a chain is used. Naturally, it is already out-of-date model, but at all this it is characterized by a high speed of washout.

The 2nd type of toilet bowls – the constructions having the added shelf on which it is established tanks. To the shelf such tanks fasten by means of ordinary bolts. Such toilet bowls are very quite often used in our country and in Near the Зарубежье.3rd type – the open tank which is built in niche specially executed for this purpose (on another still such adaptation is called as "falsh-wall"). As a material plastic is used, and to a wall this subject fastens by means of a frame. Management – push-button.

And, eventually, the last type – added toilet bowls. In this case the tank is built in a wall, and the design is established leaned against a wall. The new model – a construction without a tank, washout becomes at the expense of a pipe which bring to ватерклозету.

HOW to Choose the SHOWER CABIN?

For this purpose to get this comfortable adaptation in use, it is necessary to understand its most various types. So, for today allocate opened, closed and cabins partitions. Usually, cabins partitions use in public institutions, some other approach to the closed and open designs.

Open cabins. The construction consists of the pallet, a shtorok and the top restriction. For performance of the pallet various materials and forms are used. Pallets of a square form in most cases meet, also it can be a rectangular, pentagonal and circular shape. As materials the cast iron enamelled, acryle, steel, also ceramics and marble use.

The construction is protected by a framework or is established without it. In the first case between elements of a framework plastic sheets or glass are built in. In the 2nd case the surface is locked only by glass though installation of a cabin will represent trudozatratny function. At all this the form of ogorazhivaniye also can be various: from geometrically correct to the dissymetrically bent.

Shower cabins of the closed standard are more comfortable in use, than open models. During acceptance of hygienic procedures it is possible to regulate both temperature, and speed of water supply, quantity of streams. In the closed cabins the effect of a sauna and a hydromassage is used. That is curious, modern shower can be equipped with infra-red heating, an aromatherapy and even touch telecommunication and radio. Thus, if you like both to take a shower, and to luxuriate in a bathroom, it is possible to get model with small a hygienic bowl. Usually shower cabins are installed in a bathroom and comfortably connected to engineering communications. Neotklonimym the requirement is sufficient height of a room (from the upper edge of a cabin to level of a ceiling there should be more than 20 cm).

Except all the rest, introduction of the integrated models which are installed in a special niche is necessary to note. It should be noted difficult process of installation of shower cabins. If it is not necessary to collect the closed cabins, they to a descent are installed in a bathroom, a frame design it is necessary to collect certain time. But that and others are required to be connected to communication systems greatly. It is possible to decorate built-in cabins in tone with apartment registration.

Form and sizes. Usually for economy of the area in a bathroom use models with the circular pallet. Cabins with sliding walls will not create effect of the closed place, but upon purchase it is necessary to check by all means mobility a dverok. The smallest cabins make 70 on 70 see. Essentially to be caused and choose option more suitable for your bath.

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