Types of septic tanks that such septic tank

Living in city apartments, we so got used to comfort and civilization fruits that we perceive them as appropriate. We do not reflect at all on where a different waste, garbage, sewage and other products of activity of the person disappears. All this pain in the head of municipal economy. But comfort and comfort hunting to have not only only living in the small town and in suburban the house, the it is more that for many people it can be a place of invariable accommodation. Because the equipped house assumes such conveniences as burning, cool water and a toilet, when building suburban giving or a cottage follows laboriously обмыслить a question as the ditch will be arranged. Not including that, always it is necessary to hold in the head about protection of the environment and the careful relation to it. Therefore if the centralized system of the sewerage is not provided in the area where you decided to build giving or a cottage, there is a question what to do with sewage. One of versions of the solution of this difficulty is septic tank installation.

What is the septic tank?

Types of septic tanks that such septic tank
The septic tank is the construction serving for cleaning of sewage, arriving from personal structures (dachas, mansions etc.). The construction represents the tank located underground consisting of several chambers where sewage from the internal sewerage of a structure arrives. In chambers of a septic tank there is a stage-by-stage cleaning of sewage from harmful impurity: first mechanical (with introduction of a way of gravitational upholding), then the bio. After a septic tank sewage goes on tertiary treatment on specially established filtrational or absorbing platform. On an exit there is a water cleared for 90-98 % – it, naturally, it is not necessary to drink water, but for watering of a kitchen garden and different economic needs it is completely applicable. Septic tanks overwork from 2 to 50 cubic meter of water a day.

Mechanism of work of a septic tank

Types of septic tanks that such septic tank
The problem of a septic tank consists in cleaning of an arriving drain from sewage that the cleared water could be merged to the soil or a reservoir without harm for Wednesday. Therefore this water should be finished to a condition meeting requirements of sanitary standards. Cleaning of sewage in a septic tank broken by partitions on some chambers, occurs the next way. On the first step, the sewage merged in a septic tank gets to the first chamber (zone I) where there is a primary – mechanical cleaning of sewage from polluting substances. Here the substances being in water, share: a part from them which more hard than water settles on a bottom in the form of a deposit; and those inclusions which it is easier some water, emerge on a surface, forming a film.

After all steps of cleaning to a septic tank water it is necessary guide at tertiary treatment because it yet does not correspond to sanitary standards and it cannot be merged in soil or a reservoir. Therefore it is necessary to provide an additional filtration. For this purpose it is possible to establish the filtering system consisting of the pipeline from drainage pipes which is laid in a layer of the rubble placed on the sand basis. From the pipeline water gets to rubble and sand which do a role of filters. The essence of process of tertiary treatment is that for sewage earlier cleared in a septic tank moderately are distributed on a filtering platform, providing the greatest access of oxygen and presence of aerobic microbes which oxidize the harmful inclusions which have remained in water. Such makary, sewage first is exposed to cleaning in anaerobny criteria (at a lack of oxygen) in a septic tank, then in aerobic criteria (at richness of oxygen). As a result on an exit there is a water cleared for 95-98 % and can be already merged, both to the soil, and in a reservoir without harm for Wednesday.

But where disappears, what settled on a bottom of a septic tank and remained снутри? It is recommended to leave 20 % of a deposit in a zone II for this purpose that in it there were anaerobny bacteria for the fermentation providing more quick cleaning of the latest portion of sewage, other part of a deposit clean by assenizatsionny car or the special pump-aerliftom. By the way, the regular pump-aerlift comes into structure of certain installations. He allows to delete without the aid of others excess of silt without the aid of the assenizatsionny car. Function of pumping it is necessary to carry out not less once a year. The remote deposit can be applied to earth fertilizer.

Septic tanks from fibreglass

Fibreglass is one of more extensively used materials and can be considered by right as a future material thanks to that surpasses many other materials in the physical properties and operational indicators. For example, specific weight of fibreglass very small, in few times is less, than, for example, at steel or at copper that does it comfortable for transportation. Fibreglass possesses low heatconductivity that allows to use it as a heatinsulating material. Fibreglass is steady against influence of the chemicals, the different brutal environments including concentrated acids and alkalis, is not subject to chemical corrosion therefore it is very durable in operation.

As to septic tanks, they can be made of different materials, such as concrete, threw, cellophane, polypropylene etc. But we will make out septic tanks from fibreglass and their advantage.

Advantages of septic tanks from fibreglass

Unlike septic tanks from other materials, the septic tanks made of fibreglass are not subject to corrosion, deformation, decay. Therefore they differ durability, durability, and are steady against influence of brutal environments, namely, sewage. Own resistance to influence of solar radiation and an ultraviolet. Are steady to low in temperatures and to differences of temperatures that is very burning in weather criteria of the Russian Federation. Actually do not wear out and do not grow old. Also for septic tanks from fibreglass absolute watertightness is peculiar.


For an accomplishment of the suburban house obmyslenny systems of sewage treatment it is simply necessary, therefore at the solution of this difficulty septic tank installation can promote. Owning the highest extent of cleaning (to 98 %), septic tanks allow to merge the cleared sewage in reservoirs or to the soil, without breaking sanitary standards and without harm to environment. At all this the sedimentary silt which has remained in a septic tank after cleaning of sewage, can be applied as fertilizer. Septic tanks from fibreglass have a number of advantages, such as a krepkost, durability, watertightness, resistance to influence of brutal liquids which sewage is. Septic tanks can become not substitution for the suburban house in the absence of the centralized sewer system.

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