Water for life 16

We have the next possible source of water. However, it is a source secondary. Therefore, it can be considered only as addition. It is water from the sewerage. Modern technologies allow to make its cleaning to though what demanded level. On ISS astronauts drink water from the sewerage. A question in that, how many such cleaning will cost? Still there is also a moral nuance, whether you are ready to drink urine, let and cleared. Yes, we know that there are fans, thus, say that it even cures. Only they drink the urine, and there will be a mix of all members of household, well and casual guests. Therefore, we will do without an extreme, and we will have a look, as such water to use as the technical.

Water for life 16

Fig. 1. Septic tank.

Ordinary cesspools leave in a past. The density of building grows, artesian wells are drilled, all this imposes additional restrictions. At least, public health services can claim for cesspool sealing. In that case, probably it will appear even simpler to establish a simple septic tank. Its feature, is density therefore, water is exposed to natural bio cleaning. Anaerobny smallest organisms work. When only natural and when add special cultures. It is quite often possible to hear, put a septic tank, and it is possible to water with water a kitchen garden later. It is not correct, the septic tank cleans a maximum to 65 % therefore, such water can be merged only to the soil for the forthcoming cleaning.
For the deepest cleaning of water more difficult installations, independent clearing systems are used. Without considering a septic tank there the next block is added at least. It is the aeration block. Its mission – to sate water with oxygen that will lead to death of anaerobny bacteria, they are not necessary for us any more, they already made the work. Not including that, aeration accelerates oxidizing processes. Finally, we receive water which completely approaches under standards of the technical.

Water for life 16

Fig. 2. Independent clearing installation.

As required it is possible to use additional filters. As a rule it is filters of rough cleaning. And it is possible to use and turnaround осмос if drinking water is necessary to you. Still there is one method of bio cleaning, but we will make out it later when will get acquainted with one more source of water.
Continuation follows …

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