Choice of a toilet bowl

Choice of a toilet bowl
To bathroom equipment purchase, namely toilet bowls, it is necessary to approach with not smaller attention, if, let us assume, to purchase of expensive house equipment. To make the correct decision and to avoid mistakes, this article will help, having read which you learn about available types of toilet bowls, their producers, etc.

Toilet bowl choice

About сантехфаянсе it is not accepted to say much. Purchase of these subjects do not submit for general discussion. But it should be noted that as intimate this subject, toilet bowls, sinks would not seem, писсуары and the bidets designed by modern designers, deserve separate attention.

If to address to history of toilet bowls, we will see that the thought on design of these subjects was born enough long since – in 1596 when sir John Harrington made own 1st toilet bowl for Elizabeth I.

To present the dwelling, an office or though what public institution without this simple subject – a toilet bowl, in our days – is unreal. Moreover, modern owners make enough royal demands to a toilet room, wishing to make it not simply comfortable and elegant. The designers specializing on registration of toilets and a bidet, very extraordinary and creatively approach to own work, and engineers of the companies – use innovative technologies, for the purpose of a merit very much the highest property of let-out production. That approach is clear – to remain competitive, owners of the companies should let out an exclusive and high-quality product.

Choice of a toilet bowl
And it is now concrete about production. We are convinced that each consumer realizes that all toilet bowls various. Our problem – to tell about these distinctions in more detail.

In the modern Russian market the bathroom equipment from different producers is presented. Trust from consumers, products Czech, Italian, French, German, Finnish and, of course, deserved the Russian production. To call 100 % – x favourites difficult since many companies truly can do the work and offer clients the highest quality, unique design and ecological purity of a product.

The materials applied in production

Choice of a toilet bowl
Toilet bowls (писсуары, a bidet) can be made of different materials. But it is considered the most necessary sanitary porcelain or faience. In base of these materials clay lies, and they are very identical between themselves. Their main distinction is porosity degree, at faience it is more, it provides to a material huge smoothness and hardness, it actually does not absorb opposite smells and it is easier совладевает with gryazyuky. Faience and porcelain toilet bowls are durable, ordinary in leaving, are convenient and esthetic. Term of their service can reach about 30 years.

The cast stone or полимербетон, also is a reliable material for production of toilet bowls. Products are made for judges of exotic under the order from a hydroresistant tree, or from strong glass.

Drain opening

Toilet bowl connection to the sewerage – the basic moment. Why? At a choice of model it is necessary to consider the sizes of a drain opening in a sewer strut and plum of a new toilet bowl. If you get a toilet bowl in the new house, troubles will not arise, since these aspects will be considered specifically in the course of conducting works, and here if there is a speech about the inhabited apartment, essentially not to be trapped. It is necessary to consider types сливов: horizontal (lateral), vertical (straight lines in a floor, slanting (placed at an angle 45 ° to a floor). Horizontal and slanting installations are universal, they are established without special difficulties, and a design with vertical plums, installed at a sewerage conclusion from a floor. Such installations are observed in houses of suburban type. In skyscrapers, usually, establish designs with slanting plums. Certain producers consider possibility of installation of horizontal release in plums of other type.

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