Water for life 12

Quite often it appears that and it is not necessary to clean deep-well water. In the majority of regions quality of water at us after all the good. But after all, if water asks adjustments, there is a question, and whether it is necessary to clean all water? It is clear that the requirement to drinking water and water for technical needs after all various. Therefore, for technical needs of any ionoobmenny filters can and not be useful.

Water for life 12

Fig. 1. Water cleaning for household needs.

On fig. 1. it is just given an example that system. As we contemplate, we have a centralized cool and hot water supply. It is clear that in case of use of deep-well water we will not have that, therefore pipes for hot water will go after a copper. And if cleaning of hot water is required, she is better for creating after a copper. Cleaning to drinking standard is provided specifically in a use place. Thus, it is provided turnaround осмос, about it we still will have a talk later. To me systems organized some in a different way met. The separate sanitary water supply system was allocated.
Voobshchem, everything finally is defined by economy. If the project provided a special sanitary water supply system, it is completely possible to think and over separate system of cleaning. It will allow us to prolong time of service of filters. On the other hand, if we on an entrance clear water to drinking standard, we receive additional comfort. For manufacturing of food it will be completely possible to use to a descent hot water, and it besides economy of gas or the electric power.

Water for life 12

Fig. 2. Watering.

Single question about water for watering. We already said that water from system of the central water supply is better for passing through accumulative capacities. With artesian this recommendation too is fair. Water temperature from a well low therefore, descent to use it for watering is not recommended. And here, the chemical composition of water is better for coordinating with chemical structure of the earth, then it will be clear that it is necessary to correct. Probably it will appear that they the friend compensate to the friend, though the such happens occasionally, usually shortcomings are similar. Yes, and correction of chemical composition of water it is completely possible to create in accumulative capacity.
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