Manual specialist in zasor

Manual specialist in zasor
To fight with zasor in pipes it is possible differently. It is possible to use one of modern chemical structures, it is possible to take the starenky good air eliminator or clearing cable in hands. The Ridgid company (USA) which is for today one of favourite global producers of the tool for installation and operation of water and sewer pipes, offered own option of fight against zasor – the newest model of the prochistny Kwik-Spin car.

The brand new manual Kwik-Spin car is a small-sized, advanced device of drum-type type by means of which it is possible promptly and to clean simply different pipelines a diameter to 40 mm. A novelty without troubles совладевает with zasor in drain pipes of sinks, baths, toilets and in ventilating channels. To use Kwik-Spin it is very easy so master it the ordinary "unprepared" housewife can even. The device of only 1,6 kg that does work with it to even more comfortable weighs.

Principle of act of the latest Kwik-Spin car it is trivial it is simple – enter a device spiral into the pipeline and clear it. The novelty is armed with the patent mechanism Manual specialist in zasor
of automatic giving of RIDGID Autofeed which "moves" a spiral deep into pipes and back. So, actually without applying any efforts, you perfectly eliminate a zasor, spending for it only a few minutes.

Vpribavok, the improved Kwik-Spin car has the comfortable handle of an ergonomic form adapted for a palm though of what size, strong connection of a drum with the case and toggle-switch blocking. Thanks to it safety is provided and efficiency of use of the device increases.

Besides, if to remove the handle and to connect to the prochistny manual Kwik-Spin car a household electrodrill, the device becomes automatic that in few times will increase its productivity.

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