The most small-sized shower in the world!

The most small-sized shower in the world!
All of us love sorties on the nature but if they proceed more than days, it causes a certain discomfort. Many citizens, in particular ladies, are released from time to time from fascinating campaigns or rest in the wood with tents, and all therefore that there often there is no place to wash. Yes, it is discrepancy … Vobshchem, it could solve a magnificent device under «Klenzi» title.

Most of all this inquisitive veshchichka remembers the electrorazor – both a form, and the sizes. However, to shave you «Klenzi» will not manage, and here to wash out – completely! In the handle of the device the small tank for water is covered, and on the face-to-face panel nozzles are placed and three balls sponges which look can be adjusted are dependent on that you wish to wash up – the person, hands or all body completely. The most small-sized shower in the world!
For example, for the person perfectly will be suitable myagenkiya спонж, for a body – a sponge with ledges with effect of massage and a srub, and hair will most ideally wash balls with longish "shoots", as on the hair dryer with a smeshivatel.

By itself, from «Klenzi» on you water, as from ordinary shower will not flow. No, they need to drive on a body, as though … well as though the razor. At all this water and massage balls will remove dirt, and the absorbing plate "will soak up" all this back. Naturally, there is a mass of questions. For example, неуж that moderate tank will suffice for the real washing? Or what occurs to dirty water снутри? The founder of the project, the designer of Hamed Kohan, the answer yet does not give. Assign well, that it will finish own concept as soon as possible, after all piece indeed the necessary!

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