The new pump – the successful and long-term

The new pump - the successful and long-term
The sewer pump – a thing very suitable, in particular in the personal house. The recognizable producer of the pump equipment let out not so long ago a curious novelty which can become not substitution part of your dwelling.

The Multilift model represents the sewer pump with the tank for collecting a waste. The tank is made of plastic steady against corrosion in the seamless way and therefore the producer promises long service life – an order of decades.

But the main advantage of a novelty is the improved design of the lower part of the tank. The bottom is placed under a small inclination towards the pump that simplifies outflow of a waste and minimizes risk of a contamination. Not including that, in the tank there are no stagnant zones, owing to what quantity of a deposit the insignificant.

One more plus of the pump "Multilift" it is possible to call besstupenchaty system of connection with the entrance pipeline. By the way, the entrance pipe can be turned on 360 degrees at the expense of ekstsentrikovy connection, that regulating its height in a range from 17 to 31,5 cm from a floor.

The new pump - the successful and long-term

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