Complete turn!

To establish shower booths in rooms of the small area it is very comfortable. And the place in a malekhanky bathroom to be saved, and to use a booth very comfortably, and the modern, easy design of such designs pleasantly amuses an eye.

Besides delivers bolshushchy pleasure that fact that producers of shower ogorazhivaniye povsevremenno try to improve the production and let out on the market a large quantity of new fascinating models. For example, in the Style series which at all appeared so long ago in the Russian market, there is one very fascinating feature. The design of loops in the products "Style" allows to turn all mobile elements of enclosing on 360 °. Thanks to such optimum decision it is possible not only to mount only shower booths with very comfortable arrangement for the user and to create various projects on a design in rather small rooms.

The improved mechanism of a loop ogorazhivany «Style» gives the chance to open a booth door on 180 ° both outside of and in a place of a shower cabin, and the special design of a novelty allows to lay down shutters in any direction or even to fix them level with with a wall.

Complete turn!
Not including that, loops in new shower ogorazhivaniye have a ridiculous form of hearts therefore elegant and stylish booths will look fantastically both in a modern interior, and in a bathroom stylized under a retro. The surface a loop of ogorazhivaniye from the Style series has various options of furnish – "chrome", "gold" and "bronze". Shutters become from the strong, harmless tempered glass in width of 6 and 8 mm. Not including that, at will it is possible to get new enclosing with matirovanny, tinted glass or with the unique glass which surface is covered with silk-screen printing and a photo printing. And if the client decides to make an exclusive design of shower enclosing, the producer suggests to bring the bent glass in a product set.

Cost of enclosing of "Style" for a shower cabin in the size of 90x90x190 cm – 40 thousand roubles.

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