Bathroom in the latest fashion

Bathroom in the latest fashion
On March 12-16, 2013 in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) the tremendous event – the international ISH 2013 exhibition devoted to design of bathrooms took place. Producers of bathroom equipment and furniture from all globe presented the new models and became fashion-makers in a season of 2013-2014.

Judging by exhibition expositions, it is possible to allocate 3 main tendencies in design of bathrooms:
– «Busy Bathroom» is a bathroom for the business people appreciating the time, here all very obmysleno and functionally;
– «Bathroom Bubble» – elegant design for those who does not long Bathroom in the latest fashion
to sacrifice own comfort of serious functionality, beauty and tranquillity here reign;
– "Bathroom (R) Evolution" – rather revolutionary designs with introduction not only only the most modern models of bathroom equipment and multimedia technologies, illumination, a postscoring and management almost by means of thought – here that after all this such.
Bathroom in the latest fashion

One more inquisitive regularity concerning design, is tracked down in products of many eminent producers of bathroom equipment. From their easy hand of a bath receive strict forms and minimalist registration. For example, the Squaro Edge series would look absolutely простенько, if not elegant dark facades of baths. The similar decor indulged" also founders of the collections "Libeskind", "Pera" and «with Ergo +». However, here opaque dark baths are decorated with various snow-white strips, and certain from them sport even furnish from a natural interline interval.

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