What is the jack, the main types of jacks for the pipeline

For the device though what pipeline introduction of the additional jack as a part of pipes is required, on it change of length of pipes after their heating and cooling will be compensated. Such jacks of pipelines serve for compensation of thermal expansion of pipes after passing on them different environments. They are used for expansion compensation when heating by the environment of walls of pipes, also the jack extinguishes different vibrations which appear at action of the pump equipment. The compensating device allows to keep operability of the pipeline at a prosedaniye of base support, at deformations, movings and shifts that considerably prolongs the general service life of pipes.

According to physics laws each material will change the general sizes at temperature and pressure change, in other words they extend when heating and are narrowed when cooling. It belongs naturally and to the pipeline and if here not to use the jack, pipes can simply become unfit for use at temperature change of the sizes. The most vserasprostranenny now jacks it is lens, stuffing and silfonny which are quite ordinary for introduction, they very perfectly and greatly cope with different damage of the pipeline.

The main types of jacks for the pipeline

1. Silfonnye jacks. They are quite convenient and effective in operation, they own in the small sizes, and to establish them quite easy and simply. Not including it silfonny jacks own good firmness and reliability, they can maintain huge loadings and keep the functions at an arrangement of pipes in languid operational criteria. Are used in systems with watery, also with vaporous environments at quite big pressure and significant temperatures of working environments
2. Lens jacks. It is used in thermal highways and in the gas pipeline, they are made of carbonaceous or stainless steel, and they consist of semi-lenses and lenses. Lenses between themselves only at tops cook, on it the jack will keep hardness even at huge movings because of big temperatures. The quantity of lenses can be from one to 4 and thanks to these lenses and compensating general ability is defined. Now lens axial jacks which can be rectangular are more popular or round is dependent on a pipeline form
3. Omental jack. It is used in heating systems with the steam and water environment, that jack maintains perfectly pressure to 25 kg/cm2 and water temperature to 200ะก. Omental jacks happen one-sided and bilateral, they have a design consisting of the case and a special glass

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