The plumber for itself: we establish a bath of

The plumber for itself: we establish a bath of
In our days with European-quality repair already you will surprise nobody, but if you the hands repair a bathroom, you by all means will become an admiration subject in a circle of own acquaintances.

Repair of a bathroom begins, at first, with bath installation. To choose a bath at present it is possible, thanks to an abundance of the range of the markets and sanitary shops. Another matter, apartment renovation – pleasure not from the cheapest. Not including that, not in any occupied пт is competent special. Save up the house budget and amaze the exacting mother-in-law – establish a bath the hands!

Surely examine your bathroom before bath purchase. It is fine, if you have a plastic system of the sewerage which surpasses pig-iron and iron analogs in service life. Therefore it is necessary to change pipes not from plastic to warn the following expenses.

The plumber for itself: we establish a bath of
But if you are convinced of serviceability of the sewerage, arm with a roulette, a sheet of paper and a pencil and laboriously define the bathroom and draw the plan of an arrangement of a bath. It it is possible to dispose very tightly to one wall or to two so that it rested against a corner. If dimensions of a room allow, it is possible to put a bath directly in the center that will look very beautifully. On your plan do not forget to note a site of a sewer branch pipe and engineering networks of cranes. Truly executed measurements will promote you with purchase and bath installation, also with its installation to the pipeline.

So, you already chose a fine and comfortable bath? Do not hurry up. First direct attention to existence of basic legs. Be not upset, if they are not present: they are simple for making of a brick, and later to decorate with a tile or заштукатурить. It is much more important to check entering into a set a siphon: using your plan, verify distance from a final opening of a bath to a sewer branch pipe. It is not necessary to worry, if the length of a hose does not suffice: the dealer will surely consult you and, most likely, will recommend to establish any coupling or an adapter.

The plumber for itself: we establish a bath of
Before installation of the latest bath it is necessary, obviously to get rid of her old metal predecessor. Unscrew a drain cover, and later, as they say, applying constructive ways, break an old bath into pieces, having left only a framework, also remove hermetic and excessive nails.

Then collect in common all accessories of the latest «queens of purity». For a start wrap up a bath a fiber glass material, for heat preservation at its use. Establish bars and levels for reliable fastening.

Establishing a siphon, it is most ideal to use transparent construction silicone which not hard find in any the specialist shop. To Akkuratnenko put it on the baths located on the outer side sealing washers and cuffs. Remove with a rag excess of silicone at a twisting of fixing nuts. Silicone will clean a leak in case of a shortcoming, instead of including that, can even many years later without efforts dismantle a siphon. A bath it is possible to fill in water only after complete hardening of silicone, and it is concrete in 24 hours.

Establishing a bath closely to a wall, by all means carry out sealing of stykovochny seams. For this purpose cement to which can paint over in color of a bath enamel most ideally will approach. If repairing a bathroom, you will be engaged in its interior, the clay tile will manage to disguise a stykovochny seam simply.

Following these councils, you can simply establish a bath, without resorting to services of the plumber.

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