Methods of restoration of enamel of a bathroom of

Methods of restoration of enamel of a bathroom of
No matter what thing at some instant grows old: loses own initial look and characteristics. And bathroom here not exception. Whatever were the means used for cleaning of a bathroom, all the same tsarapinka eventually start to appear. First small, absolutely not perceptible to an eye, then everything is larger, and here already the bathroom loses own initial light, later enamel turns yellow, there are hard wiped spots.

Eventually, that day when you start to think of its substitution comes. Usually, these thoughts come to mind at once with planned repair and action for bathroom equipment change including a bathroom, are dated for its beginning.

It is necessary to admit that substitution of a bathroom is very tangible blow under the family budget, and not everyone is ready to venture it. In that case the unique exit from the created situation is restoration of enamel of a bathroom.

Than and how to restore enamel?

For restoration of an enamel covering of a bathroom there are two methods. the 1st, this introduction of enamels specially created for this purpose which own the highest degree of resistance to external influences. 2nd method the least trudozatratny, this application of acrylic loose leaves.

They happen or in the form of aerosols which are on sale in ballonchik, or as the ordinary paint packaged in banks. It is better to give preference to enamels in banks as they are more durable.

Aerosol enamels, of course, entice the buyer own simplicity and ease of use. In particular when it is necessary to carry out small face lifting, but a covering received with introduction of aerosols the least resistant.
Methods of restoration of enamel of a bathroom of

Certainly the best method, this introduction of the special strong acrylic loose leaf. The loose leaf becomes strictly personally on the sizes of a bathroom and later is simply inserted in an old bath where it is fixed a special glutinous consistence which for earlier process all surface and a bathroom and the loose leaf. All work on installation of the loose leaf takes less than 2 hours, and term of its service essentially bigger, than when using enamels.

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