New independent systems of the sewerage

New independent systems of the sewerage on a modern step of building of separately standing inhabited objects give the chance to solve the difficulties connected with water removal of economic drains in case of lack of the sewer and centralized highway of water supply. Such systems of the sewerage help to remove a watery and firm waste of activity of the person, also clear of impurity sewage. Printsipny operability of independent systems of the Continue reading

Topas, is unique and effective cleaning of sewage

Modern cleaning of sewage represents the whole complex of different actions of pollution carried out for removal which contain in waste industrial and household waters. Three main methods are applied to that cleaning, such as mechanical, bio and physical and chemical cleaning, also also additional disinfection of waters from time to time is used. The house special station for cleaning under the title Topas which is created for professional cleaning Continue reading

Modern ways of cleaning of water also that such turnaround осмос

The modern filter for cleaning of water represents the special device clearing water of chlorine, different particles, impurity, languid metals, microbes and viruses. Such cleaning happens the 3rd types, in other words there can be household ordinary filters, also filters of average and highest degree for cleaning of drinking water. The most high-quality and good cleaning is carried out by the household obratnoosmotichesky filter which provides Continue reading

Advantages of the well

Civilization it appeared unhealthy. Therefore pulls city dwellers back, to the nature. The lodge in the village, and is better a cottage, – dream of many inhabitants of big cities. Spotless air, harmless products, transparent water is is very much appreciated in the small town. Everything of what the city dweller dreams, it can find in the country. But on got used to a central heating and water supply difficulties with the communications fall down. Continue reading

On what is necessary образать attention at installation of a septic tank

On what is necessary образать attention at installation of a septic tank
With arrival of a new summer season, everything will more sharply melt a question of a site and house accomplishment. After water and gas leading, it is necessary to reflect on the organization of sewer system. On what to focus attention at first and that it is necessary to know for acquisition and independent installation of a septic tank.

There are three basic moments at a choice of treatment facilities – a type of accommodation (invariable Continue reading

Water purification

In the modern world without systems of water purification it is not simply to manage, after all quality of water almost always what to hide, leaves to long for the best. At water purification from water all pathogenic organisms and harmful chemical substances are removed. At all this its flavoring characteristics can essentially improve. Methods of cleaning of water for today in fact exists much. Technologies and devices of water purification Continue reading

Water for life 2

With sources of water which we can use, we understood previous article. Now we will try to divide use types. After all simply abstract water, and specifically such which in the best way is suitable for the solution of certain tasks is necessary to us not. Even if to be limited to concept spotless water, it will be not only only is not exact and it is not correct.

Water for life 2

Fig. 1. Drinking water cleaning.
Continue reading

How to make a water supply system at a dacha by the hands

How to make a water supply system at a dacha by the hands
People adore to come on giving not only only for work therapy in a garden and in a kitchen garden, but also for rest on the freshest air. Both for that and for other purpose water supply system laying is simply necessary. In this article we will tell how to make a water supply system at a dacha.

Water supply system device

The water supply system consists of system of pipes on which water from a source (a well, a well or the centralized Continue reading

Cesspool the hands

The cesspool can be 2 types – pressurized and soaking up. In the first case after excavation of a hole of its wall and the bottom are filled in with concrete or give all the best factory special concrete rings which are capable to hold water infiltration. In this case all sewage keeps in a cesspool and after its filling is extorted by assenizatorsky car.

In the 2nd case, at arrangement of a soaking-up cesspool, its wall it is possible to fix Continue reading

Water for life 17

At the very beginning of this series of articles, it was noted, as rain water can be a source. Thus, for watering of the same kitchen garden it used since old times. Actually in each rural house there was a barrel where from a roof rain water gathered. To collect water it is even simpler, than to drag it from a well or from the river. In villages then even simple water supply systems were a rarity. About its property. So after all a rain and so Continue reading