About a fitting

It is rather difficult to present for itself connection of separate sites of any pipeline without such necessary and basic parts, as a fitting which do in this case very responsible role of connecting parts., so unusual, but already got accustomed and used by the majority of us these connecting elements took the title from the British word "FITTING". The sphere of introduction of a fitting in fact is very vast. They everywhere are applied at installation water – and gas pipelines, systems of heating and other various mission of systems. It is dependent on that, in what place of the pipeline they intend for installation, a fitting can be promezhny and podsoyedinitelny. A fitting, usually, is used by Promezhnye for connection of pipes together, and podsoyedinitelny – for an embodiment of connection of different sanitary, gas and other devices.
About a fitting

Fitting can be systematized and in their form. In the middle of all abundance of probable options of performance it is possible to allocate with separate subspecies corners (branches), tees, crosses, adapters, couplings, caps etc. Branches are used in cases of need of a configuration of the direction of the pipeline, the coupling and adapters – for connection of pipes on direct sites, crosses – at the device of pipelines with oboyestoronny branches, and tees – for the device of one-sided branches.

A number of materials can be applied to production of a fitting: brass, polypropylene, steel, cast iron etc. The applied material allocates a fitting with certain features corresponding to it and gives the chance to use them in that or other sphere. Let’s take, for example, a brass fitting. They own very much the highest crash-worthiness and good thermal stability. The durability of these products too will not force you to be upset. A brass fitting is quite quite often used in technological pipelines, also in heating and water supply systems. For improvement of corrosion firmness these products, usually, cover with a chrome or nickel layer.

Speaking about a fitting, it is necessary to mention a question and of methods of their accession it is concrete to pipelines. Such methods for today in fact it is applied a little, and, properly, and a fitting it is dependent on it too a carving fitting, a press fitting, a kompressionny fitting, the glutinous fitting, a being self-fixed fitting for metalplastic pipes, also a fitting made under the soldering etc. are used several types, for example.
About a fitting

Traditional it is possible to call a carving method of connection. He assumes introduction of the fitting having a carving on an external or internal surface. Connection in this case is carried out оковём a fitting nakruchivaniye on the pipeline or the element of the pipeline having a similar carving. This method is used quite extensively. But here very basic moment is comparison of materials from which pipes and a fitting are made.

The way of pressing differs own truly in the highest speed and simplicity of an embodiment which are provided with introduction of the fitting specially created for these purposes called by a press fitting, and the respective tool. Connection of a fitting with the metalplastic pipeline in this case is carried out by means of special press pincers. As a result of use of a press fitting there is very reliable one-piece connection.

Glutinous fitting becomes from polyvinylchloride. Connection of pipes and a fitting in this case becomes by means of special glue. At operation arranged such makary connections differ very much the highest degree of reliability.
About a fitting

One of the newest and relatively not so long since introduced in creation is the being self-fixed fitting used for connection of metalplastic pipes. Their main advantage in relation to a fitting of other type is simply indescribable speed of installation. At implementation of accession of that fitting to the pipeline you will need to cut off, at first, a connected pipe perpendicular to its axis and to remove agnails. Farther it will be necessary by means of its special tool откалибровать after that remains all on all simply to thrust a metalplastic pipe in I will corrode a being self-fixed fitting to a mechanical emphasis. Everything is ready! A fitting of this type is very reliable and can be subject to reusable use.

On unions of a kompressionny fitting metalplastic pipes keep by means of blooming rings which are compressed at a navinchivaniye of long nuts specially provided for this purpose. The blooming ring tightened by a nut very densely clasps a metalplastic pipe as a result of what there is quite reliable and tight connection of a fitting with the pipeline. Here it is necessary to emphasize that connection of metalplastic pipes with a fitting in this case also as well as in the past leaves folding.

The choice of a fitting you see offered for today in fact very wide also is various, so, getting a fitting it is necessary to know precisely where they will be used and of what elements connected by them are made. In an unpleasant case of guarantees as made works it will not be simple.

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